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Our Partners at Online Laser Training USA

Online Laser Training USA remains on the lookout for strategic partners. When potential partners emerge, we cherry-pick the best. As a result, our partners at Online Laser Training USA are outstanding contributors to the aesthetic laser community. We all focus to give you exceptional career support.

If your organization wishes to be considered as a candidate to be one of our partners, Contact Us.

Our Partners Include:


Pastiche Training

Pastiche Training is an internationally recognized provider of quality on-line educational resources designed specifically for the development of those within the skin care industry. Pastiche offers a wide variety of topics and learning paths for Beauty Therapists, Skin Treatment Practitioners, Nurses and Medical Professionals.

In addition to their own programs, Pastiche also partners with expert specialists to provide industry leading compliance courses.

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NCEA Certified

The NCEA is one our primary professional accrediting partner in the USA. NCEA Certified is the national credential awarded to an Esthetician (skin care professional) that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession. Certification and testing is key to increasing Esthetician Standards and Educating Legislators/State Regulatory Boards on the need for higher licensing standards. Attaining the NCEA Certified credential encompasses NCEA’s mission to raise standards with national credentialing and continuing education accreditation.. 
Learners receive 10 CEs from the NCEA’s Commission on Accreditation for each of our listed courses.
CPD Accreditation Group

The CPD Accreditation Group

The CPD Group is made of up of a wealth of expertise from academics, industry bodies, awarding organisations, employers and individual learners all sharing their expertise within the World of Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”).  The main aim of The CPD Group is to review CPD activities, processes and criteria, therefore ensuring that all of our accredited activities are robust and of high quality.

The CPD Group (TCG) accredits learning activities, events and e-learning courses across various sectors including Health & Social Care, Hospitality and First Aid, plus many many more.

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Board of Laser Safety

The Board of Laser Safety (BLS) partners with laser safety educators and organizations to promote laser safety education by pre-approving laser safety training programs for BLS certification maintenance (CM) points, by encouraging employers to support continuing education for their employees, and by encouraging CLSOs and CMLSOs to maintain their knowledge-base of lasers and laser safety.

Online Laser Training holds accreditation from BLS for the Laser Physics & Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course.

Rockwell Laser Industries

Rockwell Laser Industries (RLI) is a worldwide provider of laser education and training, laser consulting services and laser safety products to industrial, medical and aesthetic facilities. They provide a wide choice of laser safety products ranging from laser protective barriers and eye protection to instructional aids and the widely used LAZAN™ hazard analysis software. RLI offers a variety of laser safety training courses covering a wide spectrum of laser and laser safety topics. The instructors include top professionals from research, industrial, medical and aesthetic fields.

AestheticMed Consulting International

AestheticMed Consulting International LLC offers advanced laser and energy based technology in the field of consultation and practice development for a variety of medical and aesthetic services. Multi-specialty services are available to hospitals, clinics, physician groups, professional organizations, medi-spas, spas, salons, mobile laser companies and industry members.

GCG Healthcare

GCG Healthcare

GCG Healthcare is an expert provider of independent regulatory support services in United Kingdom for laser and intense light device (IPL) users such as private doctors, clinics, dentists, beauty salons, health clubs and spas wishing to comply with current legislation. GCG also provides bespoke laser and IPL applications training.

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Skin, Inc.

Skin Inc. magazine is the leading industry publication for the professional skin care industry, providing timely information about business solutions, skin science, treatment techniques and much more.

Their business unit serves professional skin care facility owners and managers, as well as their practicing estheticians, primarily in the United States and Canada, by providing in-depth unbiased business and technical information in a variety of formats, including:

  • Skin Inc. magazine
  • The Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo
  • Daily newsletter
  • A comprehensive, interactive website.

Online Laser Training UK

Our OLT USA team has developed dedicated Laser/IPL Physics and Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ and Light Based Hair Reduction courses for online learners in the USA. Patricia Owens, our United States course director is an experienced laser safety trainer and national consultant for a number of laser companies and professional organisations. USA learners receive their training contact hours through our US partner, AestheticMed Consulting International LLC, who is an approved California Board of Registered Nursing Provider #16575 for this course.  APAN is a flexible member-based network organisation with the sole focus on providing extensive member-benefits through a variety of means including the APAN Strategic Alliance Partners. Tina Viney, CEO of APAN is pleased to endorse our courses. APAN is actively involved in the development of educational qualifications and has reviewed and endorsed these courses.

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