Laser and Light-Based Hair Reduction (LBHR)

Laser protection supervisor

This independently accredited online course is designed for Licensed Estheticians, Clinical Estheticians and Skin Treatment Practitioners. It is approved for 10 Units of Continuous Education (CE) by the NCEA Commission on Accreditation (COA#OLT0110). Typically, Laser and Light-Based Hair Reduction (LBHR) takes on average two days to complete, with a four-week maximum duration.

Distance learning offers more choice and more control over what, how, when and where you learn. You can schedule your learning to meet your personal circumstances, without distraction, fitting it in around existing work and domestic commitments.

We do this by using the same quality course materials to present information that we use in our face-to-face courses. Online learning also allows you to work at your own pace to complete each unit of learning. Student workbooks are provided and the course video (which you can play-back multiple times), can be viewed on a desk-top computer, laptop, tablet or iPhone / Android.

Light-based hair reduction (LBHR) is one of the most common services offered by the esthetic laser industry. Becoming accredited in the process will be a valuable addition to your skill set. Laser and Light-Based Hair Reduction Module helps you to:

  1. Understand the anatomy and functionality of the hair follicle and layers of the skin.
  2. Identify the possible effects of hormone related conditions on the skin and hair.
  3. Learn the laser and IPL energy impact on a variety of skin and hair types.
  4. Understand effects on the skin using Laser and IPL for hair reduction.
  5. Recognize contra-indications and when treatment with lasers or IPLs is not recommended.
  6. Understand Medication / Drugs Interaction in Laser and IPL Based Therapy.
  7. Learn the preparation of the treatment area for safe laser or IPL hair reduction treatments.
  8. Learn how to prepare for and perform a client consultation to identify treatment objectives.
  9. Explain the use of skin cooling including pre-, post- and parallel cooling.
  10. Understand the safe operation of laser and IPL hair reduction devices.
  11. Recognize the importance of maintaining client treatment records.



  • CPD accredited course 1003914 30 points3 student resource workbooks and 3 video presentations (Presentation time: 1 hour 40 min)
  • 3 multiple choice competency assessments at the end of each online unit
  • Provisional certificate provided instantly online
  • Course is approved for 10 Units of Continuous Education (CEs) by the NCEA Commission on Accreditation (COA#OLT0110).


Recognised by NCEA Commission on Accreditation

Course fee: $ 250.00