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  1. Our curriculum is developed by internationally recognized subject-level experts,
  2. All important accreditation agencies acknowledge our courses
    • Courses are approved for 13 hours of Continuous Education by NCEA Commission on Accreditation (COA).
    • AKH Inc has approved 7 Category 1 Credits which is accredited by the ACCME,
    • Course approved for 23 units of Continuous Education by NCEA Commission on Accreditation,
  3. Meets current regulations and standards.

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OLTUSA is proud to announce its update and revision to the ANSI Z136.3 – 2018 latest publication of Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care. As the secretary of the SSC3 committee, OLTUSA Director Patti Owens RN, BSN, MHA, CMLSO, CNOR has systematically revised all 4 eModules of the Laser IPL Physics & Safety Module “Core of Knowledge” available here.

You can become an accredited cosmetic and aesthetic laser/IPL operator via the online courses offered here at Online Laser Training USA. Our courses include laser/IPL physics and safety and laser-based hair reduction (with more on the way). All our materials conform to USA standards.

Special! Laser/IPL Physics & Safety (COK) plus 2nd module of Laser Based Hair Removal are
discount priced at $525!

Laser/IPL Physics and Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’

The Laser/IPL Physics and Safety ‘Core of Knowledge’ course is the vital first step to complete before attempting to work with laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices. The curriculum provides four separate units. Together, they cover laser and IPL physics, the electromagnetic spectrum, and key technical terms. Also covered are major tissue chromophores, tissue interaction with light, and suitability of different wavelengths for cosmetic skin treatments. The safety component covers national and state regulations, non-governmental controls, risk assessments, and audits, along with administrative, engineering, and procedural safety policies and controls.

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Laser physics and safety

Physics & Safety Course Fee: $325

Picture of Laser/IPL hair removal.

Hair Reduction Course Fee: $250

Laser and Light Based Hair Reduction (LBHR)

This Hair Reduction course provides you with a fundamental understanding of light based hair reduction (LBHR) using laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. There are three units. They cover skin & hair anatomy and physiology, hair interaction with light based therapy, hair removal treatment protocols, patient consultation and education.

In addition, the safety component of working with light based hair reduction devices will be reviewed along with attention to risks and post treatment management.

Prerequisites Required

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I found the course very straight forward and easy to navigate. The information is well laid out and interesting. Every module creates an inner confidence and I was so pleased to have achieved my certificate. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain this qualification. I have also put 2 members of staff on the course.
Natalie Godefroy
It was the very first time that I did a course online and was rather daunted by the process. I did not need to worry... the whole process was explained very clearly and was easy to follow from beginning to end.

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