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Does your insurance cover you legally?

Many insurers insist upon evidence of attending ‘Core of Knowledge’ training in lasers and intense light source technology before suitable insurance can be obtained. Evidence of recognised and accredited training is important in the event of an insurance claim or litigation where expert evidence can play an important part deciding liability.


Many UK insurance companies set the basic training requirements for therapists intending to work with lasers and IPLs at Beauty Therapist at Level 3, although, as far as I am aware, none of the beauty colleges in UK actually offer a Level 3 course in ‘Beauty Technology’ or ‘Lasers & Intense Pulsed Light Therapy’. They are just using “Level 3” as an indication of general beauty therapy competence of the therapist and that they have covered anatomy and physiology of the skin and basic hygiene.


There are a couple of published Level 4 courses in laser and intense light therapy but there appears to be very limited availability. Our online Level 4 ‘Core of Knowledge – Advanced Cosmetic Technology’ course is intended for those experienced laser / IPL operators who have already achieved the Level 3 ‘Core of Knowledge – Laser User’ award and wish to qualify at the Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) level.


Once you move from Level 2 to Level 3 courses in beauty, they usually become specific e.g. Facial Electrical Therapy Award – Level 3, etc. It is therefore clear that any therapist who completes the Online Laser Training Level 3 ‘Core of Knowledge’ course in lasers and light therapy and who is awarded accreditation by OCNCredit4Learning, will certainly have demonstrated their competence to their insurance company.

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